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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Cambodian PM’s Facebook page sees spike in ‘Likes’ after murder of government critic

Manekseka Sangkum: If Pol Pot ever had a Facebook page, imagine the amount of "Likes" he would have generated! [Not to mention Uncle Ho, Adolf Hitler, Mao et al...]. 


Cambodian PM’s Facebook page sees spike in ‘Likes’ after murder of government critic
By Asian Correspondent Staff | 6th August 2016 | 

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen. Pic: AP
Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen. Pic: AP

IN the days following the murder of Cambodian political analyst and prominent government critic Kem Lay, the Facebook page of Prime Minister Hun Sen saw an interesting increase in ‘Likes’.

According to data from social media analytics website Socialbakers, the boost came from three Asian countries in particular: Indonesia, India, and the Philippines, reported the Cambodia Daily.

The countries are also well-known for the prevalence of “click farms”, which basically allow Facebook users to purchase ‘Likes’, or followers.
Based on the data, Hun Sen’s page experienced 9 to 31 percent growth in these countries between July 13 and July 31, compared to just 3 percent growth in Cambodia during the same period.

The upsurge came two days after Kem Lay was gunned down at a petrol station in Phnom Penh, allegedly over a money dispute.

However, some suspect that the shooting may have been an elaborate political assassination.

Oeut Ang, the suspect who was arrested shortly after shooting Kem Lay and fleeing the scene, reportedly told police during an interrogation that Kem Ley owed him US$3,000.

Kem Lay’s widow, Bor Rachana, denied he had been in debt with anyone.

Hun Sen is an avid user of the social media platform, and the number of followers his Facebook page has garnered is a point of pride for him. Previously, Hun Sen has denied claims of buying ‘Likes’.

Recently, Hun Sen even remarked that he had more followers than opposition leader Sam Rainsy.

“There are more than 15 million post likes for me. And how much do you actually have?” asked Hun Sen of Rainsy.

Currently, Hun Sen has 4.9 million followers to Rainsy’s 2.9 million followers.

According to the Cambodia Daily, websites such as India-based Social King, enable anyone to “Get Attraction, Get Business, Get Fame” by purchasing anywhere from 500 to 1 million Facebook followers at rates starting from US$11.99, claiming to provide “100% high quality real Facebook users”.

Government spokesmen have claimed to not have any knowledge of where all the ‘Likes’ are coming from, or why.


Unknown said...

អធិរាជ ហ្វេសប៊ុក ប៉ុនតែ គេហៅថាអាគុក

Anonymous said...

Ah Kwak Doss Bour Chit Ngorp Heuy !!

Anonymous said...

Zuckerberg would like to thank you all for using his facebook... he's now raked in about 30 millions dollars per hour... while you all are still living from paycheck to paycheck...

Anonymous said...

at 22:57

I make unlimited audio or video call to Cambodia for free by using FB, and I don’t care how many millions Zuckerberg makes per hour, besides ah kuk HS’ government cannot eavesdrop when I talk on FB. Zuckerberg does not make a dime on me.
What are you crying about?

Anonymous said...

[Zuckerberg does not make a dime on me.]

yes he does.. indirectly . of course.... as for gov cannot'' eavesdropping on you''.. don't kid yourself... facebook got help [ as start up business was funded partially by CIA , a well-known fact and there are articles written about it , just google search them ]...hun sen's gov has been able to locate many individual who posted comments which offended him or his people... some one in the know of technology-- was helping them , that is certain -- we will just have to wait and see , someday it will be revealed [ by hackers ]

Anonymous said...

facebook makes money by selling personal info of its members to corporations for marketing purposes ( advertisement ) each one is geared toward specific person , to law enforcement and private detectives ...every thing you do , click , posting pictures and talking , places you go ( track by phone GPS ) is recorded in their computer mainframe ... even if you delete your account , the infos is still there. there is a report about a few months ago that facebook could still track you [ by phone ] even if you are not logged into your account... and could even record your conversation while your phone is off [ not power off ] ...

Anonymous said...

Oh please, your information is worthless. You are losers. You waste FB's bandwidth.