A Change of Guard

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Wednesday, 3 August 2016



Anonymous said...

what the F* you think who you are? Ah Kwak is looking for something to burst his rival party, so can be a stand alone shit head king. Undercover agent will Fup you head away some day.

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen reiterated that Yuon is not his Boss or his parent.

Here is the story:

Ah Kouk Hun Sen recognized that the CPP's popularity has deteriorated badly since 2012, especially after Kem Ley's death.

To improve the CPP's image and also to shift Khmer Pouch Neak Chambang's attention from finding Kem Ley's killers, Hun Sen hit the jackpot by declaring that Vietnam is not my Boss or whatever shit he said to please Khmer people.

Ah Kouk Hun Sen has killed 2 birds with one stone: increase the CPP's popularity and make Khmer people forget about Kem Ley's killers.

Notice that Ah Kouk Hun Sen had asked his master Yuon first before he declared that. And his master Yuon said it is OK for Hun Sen to foul those " Phleung Cham Beung" people.

Can we do something to find the killers of our brave man Dr. Kem Ley ???

Bun Thoeun