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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Protesting unions call for retraction from Rainsy

Manekseka Sangkum

Mass faintings at the factories are common occurrences; working conditions and poor wages are the blights of the Cambodian garment workers; the Cambodian government shot down factory employees protesting these conditions ... Yet, the Opposition are to blame for trying to lessen the workers' misery?!

The EU parliament is a democratic and transparent institution, unlike the Cambodian government. So even if Mr Sam Rainsy called for the garment imports to be halted, it won't necessarily heed his suggestion to that end. To find out what Rainsy said or didn't say at his meeting with EU officials, ask the EU for the recorded transcript of his speech and have it independently translated into Khmer. 


Employees protest in the eating area of a garment factory yesterday morning after Sam Rainsy called on the EU to place an embargo on garment imports from Cambodia. Photo supplied
Employees protest in the eating area of a garment factory yesterday morning after Sam Rainsy called on the EU to place an embargo on garment imports from Cambodia. Photo supplied

Protesting unions call for retraction from Rainsy
Tue, 2 August 2016 ppp
Sen David

Three unions are conducting lunch-time protests across five provinces, calling on CNRP leader Sam Rainsy to retract a suggestion to the European Parliament that garment exports be used to leverage better human rights in Cambodia.

Two weeks ago, Rainsy told the EU’s Human Rights Subcommittee that diplomacy wasn’t effective in persuading the Cambodian government to address the human rights situation and the bloc could instead threaten to curb garment imports.

Reacting to his statement, three unions – the National Trade Union Coalition (NTUC), Trade Union for Workers and Worker Friendship Union Federation – launched a campaign across five provinces calling on Rainsy to drop the suggestion.

“We do not believe Sam Rainsy even though he has claimed that he did not say this,” said NTUC president Far Sally, adding the protest is apolitical.

Sally said the campaign from July 28 to August 3 included more than a thousand workers across 15 factories who held banners during their lunch time with slogans reading “We need to work for a living” and “Sam Rainsy, you must take back your suggestion”.


Anonymous said...

Stupid garment workers, Sam Rainsy only called for the embargo of Cambodian garment import into EU but you will still be paid. Sam Rainsy will also demand the government to pay for your lost wages.

If the government refuses to pay, the garment workers can protest and fight to topple Mr. Hun Sen. Think about it, if 700,000 garment workers protest and fight, Mr. Hun Sen will be forced to step down.

Don't be cowards, follow Sam Rainsy's call.

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen reiterated that Yuon is not his Boss or his parent.

Here is the story:

Ah Kouk Hun Sen recognized that the CPP's popularity has deteriorated badly since 2012, especially after Kem Ley's death.

To improve the CPP's image and also to shift Khmer Pouch Neak Chambang's attention from finding Kem Ley's killers, Hun Sen hit the jackpot by declaring that Vietnam is not my Boss or whatever shit he said to please Khmer people.

Ah Kouk Hun Sen has killed 2 birds with one stone: increase the CPP's popularity and make Khmer people forget about Kem Ley's killers.

Notice that Ah Kouk Hun Sen had asked his master Yuon first before he declared that. And his master Yuon said it is OK for Hun Sen to foul those " Phleung Cham Beung" people.

Can we do something to find the killers of our brave man Dr. Kem Ley ???

Bun Thoeun

Anonymous said...

You all are stupid and how long do you willing to hold ah kwak's cock for him to pee?.It is time to wake up!!!!