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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Hun Sen makes populist pledges in Kampong Thom

Manekseka Sangkum

The Lord takes and the Lord gives... and takes back again? Will he ever visit Khmer farmers' lands and farms along the border with Vietnam that have been encroached, and return them to their rightful owners? What about the mass presence of those illegal settlers living on the water of the Tonle Sap itself that has the damaging impact of polluting and stressing the economic artery of the nation? Does anyone within this CPP administration have eyes that see and ears that hear...?


Prime Minister Hun Sen takes a photo with local residents at a market in Kampong Thom province on Saturday during a tour of the Kingdom’s provinces. Facebook
Prime Minister Hun Sen takes a photo with local residents at a market in Kampong Thom province on Saturday during a tour of the Kingdom’s provinces. Facebook

Hun Sen makes populist pledges in Kampong Thom
Mon, 25 July 2016 ppp
Sen David

Prime Minister Hun Sen’s tour of all 25 provinces, in which he has pledged to “find solutions” for local issues, continued on the weekend with a visit to Kampong Thom, where he pledged to return the ownership of land around the Tonle Sap to local residents for farming purposes.

“The land in the Tonle Sap region must be taken from companies and investors and left for the people to farm,” Hun Sen declared in a Facebook post.

Most of the land in the area is currently owned and farmed by large firms and investors.

A government directive was issued demanding the return of Tonle Sap land in all provinces to the local residents in 2014, but without result.

Hell Tony, secretary-general of the Tonle Sap Authority, said: “The people who live around there do not have any land for farming. The government already issued a directive not allowing investors to farm in the Tonle Sap area,” he said.

Independent political analyst Ou Virak expressed mixed feelings about the directive’s likelihood of success.

“I think he’s been trying to do more to satisfy the people,” Virak said. “I do hope he means it this time,” Virak said.

Hun Sen, however, does not have complete control over the country’s complicated system of patronage, he added.

During the same visit, Hun Sen also announced that all vendors working in the Kampong Thom Market must be given ownership of their stalls and be allowed to sell indefinitely. Currently, they can only rent their stalls for a limited amount of time.


Anonymous said...

ខ្មែរមួយចំនួន នៅចង់បង្ហាញរូបដ៏អស្ចារ្យជាមួយមេបីសាចពិឃាដមនុស្សរាប់លាននាក់ ហើយឆាប់បំភ្លេចនូវស្លាកស្នាមមិនទាន់បាន៥០ឆ្នាំផង គួរឲ្យអនិច្ចារ្យកូនខ្មែរ បើតែយា៉ងនេះ ពួកយួនវានឺងងាយស្រួលក្នងការលេបដំបាក់ទឺកដីកម្ពុជាយា៉ងងាយស្រួលបំផុត ព្រោះតែខ្វះការពិចារណា ។

Anonymous said...

Besides ah Tea Aing I can see 6 bodyguards to protect ah kuk HS for just a selfie with the 2 women. And how many more were there behind and around the cameraman who took this photo?

Anonymous said...

Kem Ley made a huge mistake of going out alone. He should always have a bunch of people with him at all time.

Anonymous said...

They are the bought off audience.

Anonymous said...

A Kwak keep playing a dumbest games to fool the Khmers. He thinks we have no brains to do the math? This MAD MAN should go first! How far A Kuk can go? Closing the gas station avoiding the terrorist???? A Kwak is a TERRORIST. This is the KR game!
A Hun Sen can always find a way to kill the REAL Khmers, but we will continue to step forward to protect our land and our people. Hun Sen can sneak & kill only a person who walk alone with no weapon. Kem Ley should have a secret place to meet friends instead using Star Mart as a meeting place. Do you trust this gas station?
Money walks & Money talks! Living in Cambodia the same as living in the Killing Fields. All of A ignorant Sdechs are King of God? This is 21st Century!

Very regret, Kem Ley should get out of the country when he knew that speaking the truth about A Kwak's corruption could cost his life.

Chey Chetta II & CoChinchine (Vietnamese wife)= Lost of huge of our land
Chey Chetta III = Sihanouk + Monik (Associated with Ong HO)= Killed million Khmers
Chey Chetta IV = A Kwak + Mi Ka Chhouk (Ong Ho's Slave)= Now What?