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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Khem Veasna 2016, ខឹម វាសនា, Speaks About Kem Ley


Anonymous said...

Kem Veasna is a turd

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

Analogically speaking, it is the case of the sky above, Dr. Kem Ley and the mud below Yuon's dog Khem Veasna.

Anonymous said...

Sdap Ah Prett Khem Veasna Phtous Kbal Bek !!

Anonymous said...

Ah Kuk Hun Sen uses this guy, and this ignorant man does not know squat.
Hun Sen was #1 in swearing in public, now this guy takes away from him to be #1.
So as far swearing in public is concern Hun Sen looks better than this dumb Khem Veasna, and this clown wants to lead a country?