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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Sovantha files another CNRP defamation suit

Manekseka Sangkum: All these lawsuits and court summons in a nation notorious for its kangaroo courts and politically aligned judges ...


Thy Sovantha speaks to media outside Phnom Penh Municipal Court in April.
Thy Sovantha speaks to media outside Phnom Penh Municipal Court in April. Pha Lina

Sovantha files another CNRP defamation suit
Mon, 27 June 2016 ppp
Niem Chheng

Thy Sovantha has filed a defamation complaint against two CNRP activists for questioning the attendance figures at a forum organised by her NGO in Oddar Meanchey’s Trapaing Prasat district.

The complaint, filed on June 24, alleges that Mounh Sarath, head of the CNRP taskforce for the province, and Oun Vansak, administrator of the I love Cambodia Hot News II Facebook page, took to social media to say her forum had only 70 attendees when, by her count, there were actually about 900.

“He [Sarath] said I edited the photos of the forum,” the complaint reads. “The prosecutor should take legal action.”

Sarath dismissed her complaint yesterday, saying it was simple freedom of expression. “Whether the court takes action . . . depends on the court’s discretion. What I said was just my opinion.”


Anonymous said...

She should shut up.
May be she needs some " swaggelishish " in
her mouth !

Anonymous said...

This young lady needs to wake up. Enough is enough. She needs to be aware of Yuon/Vietnamese secrete agents in CPP/Hun Sen government who might secretly killed her and her blind and naive followers if they [she and her followers = small numbers] are not working out well. She and her followers need to join force with CNRP and sincerely apologize for those who have been hurt and deceived. She is on the watch list if she continue to lose her mind by blah blah blah...."The Big Mouth."

Anonymous said...

Thy Sovantha must respect the culture of lies among the people. The people are poors and they lie to feel good. Thy Sovantha should migrate to a rich country where people are well off and don't have to lie.

Poor people are desperate. They often do the wrong things to feel good. So, either you respect their right to do the wrong things or move to a better country.

Anonymous said...

Thy Sovantha is so rich. I have never seen her dressing in the same dress before. When I was a child, I often walked around in bare-feet, and wore older clothes passed down from my older brother. The clothes were long and big, then as I grew up, the very same clothes became short and tight.

When the clothes got torn, I had to patch them myself or wore them as is.

So, it's wrong for Miss Thy Sovantha to work with the poors while flaunting her fancy clothes. It's her display of success and being above others.