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Friday, 17 June 2016

Brutal scenes of violence at Veng Streng Blv captured on video 2 years back


Anonymous said...

Soldier Hun Sen, you think you are a strong man.
Meet me in a dark alley of your choice, just you and me, and I'll show you how coward you will be !!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hun Sen fought in the front line before and lost an eye during one battle. Have any of you fought in the front line before?

Anonymous said...

Ah Kwack Hun Ker Sen,

Is over 30 years in power not enough for you and your penis?

In this world, every thing has limit. If you keep pushing too far, you might get lost in hell like your best friend Ghadafi.

Anonymous said...

at 13:43

What is the point of your question? That Mr Hun Sen is entitled to shoot, kill or maim innocents and civilians at his pleasure because he had lost an eye in a battle?

Maybe, you ought to ask yourself this question instead: what if I or members of my family were savagely attacked, shot at or beaten instead by these armed forces ordered by him?

Adolf Hitler had also fought and sustained wounds in the front line as a young recruit. But, does this personal experience justify what he and the Nazi had committed against others while they were in power?

It might also interest you to learn that Mr Hun Sen is not alone in having "fought in the front line", and that most living Cambodians have also lost a relative or more to the side Mr Hun Sen actually 'fought' for!

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen is so outrageous about people who said Hun Manet is not his own son.

Hun Sen Euy !!

This news has surfaced on the internet a few years ago. Stop acting stupid that you have never heard this news before.

Now you are accusing those people who speculated this news are CNRP's leaders and members. Your ulterior motive was to smash the CNRP to avoid an inevitable CPP's loss in this next election.

Any Khmer or any person can post that news - Hun Manet is not your son - on the internet anytime they wanted. You should stop blaming the CNRP because it will spontaneously expose your fear of losing this next election.

In effect, Hun Sen and the CPP knew that the CNRP had actually won a landslide in the 2013 election. The CPP cheated the election by ordering Ah Heum Khiev Kanharith to declare that the CPP was the winner.

Despite the CPP's recent successive attacks, the CNRP is still remarkably strong.

In brief, the root cause of the current political tension in Cambodia is largely stemmed from Hun Sen's worry that the CPP is going to lose this next election and this time the CPP cannot self proclaim itself as the winner like it did in 2013. Therefore, the solution for Hun Sen to stop the CNRP is either breaking the CNRP apart or making the election impossible.

Bun Thoeun

Anonymous said...

The wife (Khmer people) does not want to live with an abuse husband (Hun Sen or CPP) anymore.
Enough is enough !!

Anonymous said...

My point is: If you have not fought in the front line before then do not say this behind the internet:

"Meet me in a dark alley of your choice, just you and me, and I'll show you how coward you will be !!!

15 June 2016 at 12:18"

Cambodia is failing because of a lot of loud mouths who make noise and discredit any genuine effort to save the nation and people. You make yourself a fool by making foolish statement. You make the entire Cambodia foolish too.

I bet the loud mouths did not say hoot under Pol Pot's time.

Anonymous said...


Individual like YOU would keep Cambodia under Viet expansionists's yoke.

You are either a Yuon or a Yuon's dog for beefing up your Traitor Decho Hun Sen.
You made yourself a fool and Cambodia a colony of Vietnam !
The Khmer people are indeed disgusted by and ashamed of you and your attitude.