A Change of Guard

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Sunday, 26 June 2016



Anonymous said...

Very Interesting !

1. If you want to make the British mad, you talk
about Brixit
2. If you want to make the Americans mad, you talk about guns control
3. If you want to make Hun Sen mad, you talk about Yuon encroachments on Khmer lands.
He may even send you to his Big House with free rooms and boards.

Anonymous said...

Are you surprised hun goes this low?. Don't be, that asshole went to the lowest.

Anonymous said...

It's Brexit my dear friend @26 June 2016 at 09:01,
Yes, I agree with everything you've said! And I think you are one of my old friend here on Khmerization, aren't you? Thx.

Anonymous said...


You're good !!!

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen went to the wood to shit without digging. The next day he went to the same wood to do it again and stepped on his one day old sticky bomb (មីនស្អិត).

Anonymous said...

Too much metaphor with the old-timer Khmer when they themselves basically learn by just reciting/memorizing. That may be the problem...why can't one just come out and say what they mean and mean what it says?

Anonymous said...

Dear friend at 11:08,

Thank you for your correction.
I think I had misspelled because I didn't have
my first cup of coffee for the day yet .
Yes we may have been good friends for a long time
here at Khmerization.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Same here ... it happens when I did not have my Belgian waffle yet at breakfast...But I got them at the Champs Elysees...Thanks for writing!!! Portes-toi bien!!!

Anonymous said...

at 11:54

It was meant to be a joke.

The word sticky bomb (មីនស្អិត) may not mean anything to you who never lived at the camps along the Thai border in the early 1980’s, but for those who did; they know exactly what it means.
There was no sanitation around the camps, people shit everywhere in the wooded area, when the Vietnamese shelled the rockets into the camps people scramble to the wood to take cover but they were hit with the sticky bomb (មីនស្អិត).
There’s no need to be pissed off, if you don’t understand just ask.

sticky bomb (មីនស្អិត) = shit

Anonymous said...

[ 2. If you want to make the Americans mad, you talk about guns control...]

you are quite correct, my friend, on that one... except for the libtards who still believe in their gov's lies.... some among the gays who support the ban on guns have been waking up , according to latest news reports , there is a surge of gay people buying guns and taking shooting lesson at the range... [ according to police report from orlando , later suppressed by the media , police were at the scene of the shooting but were told to STAND DOWN for about 30 minutes , which allowed plenty of time for the killer to finish his job ' that's why some people believed that it was a set-up to pass gun control laws ]

did you know that california lawmakers just made themselves exempt from gun confiscation law that they are trying to pass in that state ? yes , the law is good for the people but NOT good enough for them...

according to another report, non-military gov have more guns than the marine..from the IRS to social security dept to FDA to human health services to EPA , dept of education and the list goes on...government armed to their teeth but people are not allowed to defend themselves against thugs.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Very Interesting at 09:01

4. If you want to make the French mad, what do you talk about ?

Anonymous said...


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