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Sunday, 19 June 2016

ANZ Royal continues to lead in innovations, digital offerings

Manekseka Sangkum: When your bank says it wants to save you time and money, you'd better believe it!


Content image - Phnom Penh Post
ANZ Royal’s head office in Phnom Penh. Photo supplied

ANZ Royal continues to lead in innovations, digital offerings
Fri, 17 June 2016

In a world where time is increasingly precious, and convenience is seen as a necessity, ANZ Royal Cambodia has stepped up to the efficiency challenge and introduced a series of services aimed at saving its clients’ time and money.

ANZ Transactive is a digital solution providing clients a single entry point to Cash, Liquidity, Trade and Markets services, together with a consolidated view of their financial position, to improve visibility and control of their working capital activities. Designed to simplify and connect your digital banking experience, Transactive helps to process transactions within mere minutes, and updates balances in real-time – essentially cutting out of the equation the need to physically head to ANZ Royal branches.

The world is increasingly becoming more digital and the market is progressively responding to tech-savvy solutions; as the leading international bank in Cambodia, ANZ Royal strive to bring these innovative advances to the market. It’s the only bank that can provide an entire range of solutions that cater from the most basic e-channel services to the most complex Host to Host connectivity products.

ANZ Royal CEO Leonie Lethbridge said: “We will continue to invest in innovation which means that clients are increasingly and conveniently able to access the services we provide. More importantly, hardware is not the entirety of the solution. This is where ANZ Royal really brings value to our customers as we have our own team of Implementation experts in Cambodia that draws upon our global expertise to help the clients optimise implemented solutions and integrate these online solutions with their processes.”

This platform could also be an alternative compliment to the company’s high-end Enterprise Resource Planning system, as it takes into consideration Cambodia markets – mostly smaller companies – which have yet to invest in the more advanced planning system. Transactive comes with tracking structures, such as the Virtual Account pay or matching products, SWIFT MT940 reporting tool, and Beneficiary Advising service, to help these companies keep track of their business and finances.

Lethbridge explains, “Clients value something that we also value; the level of insights, convenience and security. We are committed to providing valued insights and services to clients, and to enable trade and investment flows across the region and what keeps us relevant.”

At present, ANZ Royal continues to not only proffer digitised innovations, but is also working on raising clients’ awareness on cyber security. “One of the reasons we think our cash platform is very helpful is because it has very high security,” Lethbridge says.

“Introducing innovative solutions and increasing clients’ understanding of online banking platforms are equally as important to us. We recently introduced a series of fraud seminars to both explain the risk enhancements provided by our online banking platform, and help our clients understand the technology behind this. It was very well received by our clients and chamber members across Cambodia, showcasing how ANZ Royal continues to bring leading insights and expertise,” she concludes.

This is largely in-line with a testimonial from one of ANZ Royal’s key clients since 2006, who said: “With the expertise and dedication of the team at ANZ Royal, they’ve advised us on everything from systems improvement to safety measures. Because of their incredible commitment, I can truly say that they are partners in every sense of the word and we wouldn’t be where we are today without them.”

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