A Change of Guard

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Friday, 27 May 2016

Hun Sen's cheap, desperate tactics defy description


Anonymous said...

Ah terichhan Hun sen

Anonymous said...

I fully agreed with you my Khmer sister. The CPP run out of lies and now must do the last desperate tactic by using their master's tactic from Hanoi the had worked so well in the past. Well, most Cambodian by now are fully awared of this using woman tactic to conquere land. How about those ministers and corrupted military commanders that look like a 9 months pregnant big fat belly without conscience that had many young girls outside of their marriages. These ministers and military leaders even had their mistress killed or thrown with acid. Their ass are stinkier than any of CNRP leaders and us ordinary Khmer.

If we manage to have at least close to free elections CNRP will win by landslide. The only question is can millions of Khmer & international diplomats convince the CPP to step down.