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Monday, 2 May 2016

A reader's Message for Hun Sen

Time to say good-bye?

Manekseka Sangkum,

Please publish below in any which way/form you can for me as a private citizen of Cambodia:

Mr. Hun Sen,

We want to see you leave as soon as possible!
Nous voulons vous voir partir le plus vite possible!
យើងចង់ឃើញលោក ចាកចេញ យ៉ាងឆាប់ជាទីបំផុត!




Kalonh Chuck ខ្មែរពីស្បែកដល់ឆ្អឹង! said...

What will happen if each and every blog/news media [local or otherwise] around the world posts that on its front page and makes it a stick for a while?


Anonymous said...

Oh man, Mr. Hun Sen is looking good, look at his smile. He is one happy camper.

Someone please use Photoshop and doctor the picture up to make Mr. Hun Sen looking bad please. We need to put more lies about Mr. Hun Sen. lol...

Meanwhile, I bet Kem Sokha is not a happy camper. He is no longer seeing his favorite hair dresser. Who is gonna giving him a decent hair cut? That's cruel. Kem Sokha's life is being destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Well, it is up to Sam Rainsy to figure that out, isn't it 2 May 2016 at 10:57? Parallely, Kem Sokha has to quit going around boning every young woman at his daughter age, agreed?

Anonymous said...

That's the [big killer] hand of a happy chimp there...Dang!!!

Anonymous said...

Kal, how can you make a broad statement like that without seeing evidence? Can you substantiate your argument with concrete evidence. Don't give me this alleged recording by the thugs CPP. I thought you're more intelligent than that. If you are just making a sarcastic statement, then the CPP got what they wanted that is to wrongfully damaging the opposition opponent before a major election.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with wishing to see HUN SEN leave his office as soon as possible all over the news media, locally and around the world ? What's to substantiate? We are not on the same wave-length?


Anonymous said...

Kal, nothing wrong with that statement. In fact I whole heartedly agree with you that Ah Hun Sen should leave. It's the statement about Khem Sokha alleged recording. The key word is alleged. He has been convicted in the court of law.