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Monday, 11 April 2016

What's Happening to American Democracy? - People & Power


Anonymous said...

a fairy tale propagated by the elites to make the small people [ slaves ] believe that they are important to them... the republican and democrat parties went on TV and stated that they do not Need the people to choose their party candidate [ against Trump because he will not play by their rules and against Sanders because he would ruin their plan ]... the democrats even admitted on TV that they have rigged the caucuses in Hillary's favor [ against sanders ]
And in case , you are not aware , the public/people DO NOT elect the president of the USA .. it is the job of the Electoral college... so people can vote for whoever they want , and the electoral college can vote/choose a different candidate and that person will be the next president NOT the one chosen by the people ... unfortunately most khmers , here . have no idea on how the presidential election of this country really works... they really think that their vote is important...

Here's a saying coined by an elite :'' IF VOTING change anything , they -- those really in charge of the country--- will make it illegal ''

Anonymous said...

Do not spew out false propaganda idiot!

Anonymous said...


Who is the idiot? Though I did not write the above comment, but it goes to show how ignorant the masses are in believing the lie that America is a free country and is based upon democracy. I wish I could believe that was true. Everything is level against the common people, our future been decided not by you or me but by the very elite who owns the world and its power. This is very dangerous!!!!!

Unravel the New World Order (Disorder).