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Monday, 11 April 2016

No ill will towards protesters, Manet says

Hun Manet, eldest son of Prime Minister Hun Sen, pictured at an event in 2014.
Hun Manet, eldest son of Prime Minister Hun Sen, pictured at an event in 2014. Hong Menea

No ill will towards protesters, Manet says
Mon, 11 April 2016
Shaun Turton

As the rhetoric by Cambodian-Americans opposed to Hun Manet’s current visit to the United States heats up, the premier’s eldest son played it cool over the weekend, telling Khmer media in America that he respects the group’s right to demonstrate.

Manet’s plans for a week-long visit to the US, where he arrived on Saturday, sparked outrage among some Cambodian-American communities there.

Manet, currently in California, was forced to pull out of a Khmer New Year parade in Long Beach. The Lowell city council in Massachusetts has also denounced his visit, after a backlash from some of its Khmer residents.

A coalition of anti-government groups has turned their attention to Washington state, and plan to hold rallies today and on Tuesday to coincide with Manet’s visit.

Fervently anti-Hun Sen, whom they accuse of being a dictator responsible for human rights abuses, they have developed a list of 119 slogans, extending such accusations to Manet.

But speaking to Voice of America on Saturday, Manet said he wasn’t upset. “If they [protest] in a way that is allowed by the law . . . it is their right; I’m not angry about that,” he said.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Readers,
As I used to remind all of our Khmer people, the Hun Sen's clan are always shameless and thick skin persons. They always try by all means to sneak into our communities even they knew we all did not like them.
Before, the Hun Sen's clan used their strategy to buy some of our Khmer nationalist with high rank position, money , and girls.
They committed with with all tycoons in Cambodia to cut down and clear all our forests, mines,and kick all our poor Cambodian people from their own properties in named of development. Nowadays, the Hun Sen's clan got all the money, they became rich and full power in Cambodia. They did not care about justice or not justice, people's tears or anything else. Because, their families and their clan lived easily without worries. Beside of that, they used those bloodshed money to buy voice from outside of Cambodia to show the world that their regime is a good regime.In fact, the Hun Sen's regime is the same as Khmer Rouge genocide regime; they changed only their outside as democracy.
All Khmers who live in Long Beach, Lowell, and any where in the world, please stand up for our Cambodian people in our motherland who were suffering everyday by Hun Sen and his clan.
I surely believe, we all will not sell our conscience with their bloodshed money, please do not give up and one day we all will success.
May GOD (all GODS)bless all of us (Cambodias) who are not serve the criminal Hun Sen.Victory will come.
Love Khmers