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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Ms T Sovantha's press conference


Anonymous said...

Sdach Chkuot Sihanouk Chkuoy Neung Tapauk !!

Ah Kwack Hun Sen Kor Chkuot Neung Tapauk and one woman got killed. So far, no punishment to the killers.

Kama Sokha chkuot Neung Tapauk too? If he does, he must change his behavior. Stop making any unnecessary mistakes if you love Cambodia..

Anonymous said...

Why do Khmerization and others make this fucking whore relevant in the media?

Anonymous said...

25 April 2016 at 10:52

I think Khmerization's job is to bring news to people. Nothing is wrong with Khmerization.

This CPP is determined to destroy the CNRP any way it could.

But Kem Sokha should not foul around with women too much. His action would destroy himself, the CNRP, and Cambodia. He is old and his Kdor is almost dead. why did he say some stupid thing to that girl. What for?

Think this way:

If not this Srey Mom story, the CPP will find other thing to smash the CNRP.

To mitigate future problems, the CNRP's leaders must keep themselves clean.

We knew that the CPP's leaders are mostly crooked. And the CNRP's leaders must show people that they are absolutely better than those CPP's crooks.

No more unnecessary mistakes from the CNRP.

Anonymous said...

ធីសុវាន់ផា ក្មេងចារិកឆ្គួតលីលា មេបំផ្លាញជាតិធំបំផុតឥលូវនេះ

Anonymous said...

25 April 2016 at 12:53
Just like you said If not this Srey Mom story, the CPP will find other thing to smash the CNRP.
In that case how do you mitigate the future problems for NCRP ?