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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Golden memories ...

NB: By a strange coincidence and a twist of fate, this song is making its debut appearance here on Golden memories for the first time ever [I think!], and not because it has been overlooked until now - far from it. The song has all the hall marks of a classic masterpiece for this writer: bitter sweet, mesmerising lyrics, melancholy tune, and of course, the golden vocal of the legendary singer.

Why the coincidence and twist of fate? Well, because the song describes the travails of a heart-broken man coming to terms with his lost love, and this personal anguish is coinciding in, or witnessed by, the merciless cruelty of the dry season and the toll it exacts on nature and sentient beings at precisely this time of year; as all this is touchingly related in the song, and sadly, for many, resonated in reality in Khmer lives today.


Anonymous said...

Dear School of Vice,

Your eloquent and nostalgic interpretation of the beautiful song is indeed impeccable.

I was wondering, in addition to being a political writer and analyst, would you also like to be poet ?

Thanks for the memories, the Golden Memories
that is.

School of Vice said...

Dear reader,

Sorry to make you wait for the answer to your question above. It's just that I'm not sure how to answer it, not because there's any thing wrong about the question, far from it. In fact, it's the one question I have from time to time asked of myself and have not alas been able to answer it at all! Yet, I suspect that you have already read School of Vice's thought well judging by the question posed! You see, after three lines, I still haven't given you the answer! I do feel that your question deserves more than a yes or a no response, and in order to do both of us justice! And who's going to take School of Vice seriously again (assuming they haven't already?) once they will have learned of School of Vice's true yearnings?

Let's just say that anyone who appreciates art is entitled to count him/herself an artist at heart. If by being a poet you mean someone like the late Kong Buncheoun, well then that's going to require a great deal of dedication, starting with learning what seems to me the impossible mission of mastering the Khmer Unicode and keyboard!

So sorry if I haven't dealt with your question. Perhaps, I will return to it in a future anecdote!

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Dear School of Vice,

First, I like to thank you for taking time out to respond.
I hope my question did not, in anyway make you feel uncomfortable.
If it did, I apologize.

I always have high opinion of your intellect, and appreciate your excellent articles.
My question was merely a form of conveying my appreciation rather than actually seeking your answer. On the other hand, I would be pleased I you offer one.

In conclusion, I sincerely hope you will fulfill your long sought aspirations.

Be well and happy !

Your Long Time Fan