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Monday, 11 April 2016

Forces put on alert over Laos army base

ppp Mon, 11 April 2016
Vong Sokheng

Police and military officers in Stung Treng province remain on standby after authorities in Laos ignored a request by their Cambodian counterparts to stop erecting a military base near a yet-to-be demarcated stretch of border in Thala Barivat district.

“Lao armed forces denied our request to stop the construction of a new military base in the disputed area,” said Ek Syvanndorn, Stung Treng provincial police deputy chief in charge of border affairs.

“We have blocked their trucks from transporting building material across our National Road 7 since April 1.

“They still continue digging but they don’t have material for construction, if they use their [roads] it will take a long time.”

Syvanndorn said military units would watch the situation closely until a diplomatic solution was reached.

Chhum Socheat, spokesman at the Ministry of Defense, said that provincial authorities had delivered a cessation request to the governor in Laos’ Champasak province but had not received a response.

Socheat said it was “not a serious issue”, and a peaceful solution would be reached.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Laotians armies must be Yuon/Vietnamese secret agents in Laotian Military Uniforms at the border of Cambodia and Laos. Why? Laos has been under the control or colony of Vietnamese/Yuon Hanoi Communists.

Laos and Laotian people are stuck with the grips of Vietnamese/Yuon agents/Communist Hanoi bastards completely. Laotian population is very small so that it makes easier for the land thieves of Vietnamese/Yuon nation control over Laos and Laotian people.

There is no way out of Laotian people get out of Yuon/Vietnamese grips.

Khmer Yeurng