A Change of Guard

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Monday, 18 April 2016

Cambodia - a suitable new home for refugees to Australia?

School of Vice: Not much to look forward to for some of the less fortunate in our midst... Moving scene.


Anonymous said...

Yes, if they can walk, have two hands, two working eyes and an attitude of wanting to make a go of it.

Don't they realize that they probably are better of then most of citizens of the country?

The world is crumbling with the intensity of greater magnitude earthquakes striking who knows where next big one will emerge...

Problems are everywhere even in the so called well-to-do countries. The only people who are doing well are the people who run this world and the politicians who work for them.

The stage is being set to collapse the economies of the world so the New World Order will progress as planned by the elite.

I'm afraid from this day forward will be a rough ride for what are being plan for us who are at the bottom rung of the pyramid. We will bear the weight of these ruthless masters who are at the top smiling down on us enjoying their fine cigars.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the sky is falling…
Where will we go to hide, rat holes I guess?
No, not there the earthquake would bury us alive.

Anonymous said...

Please watch this video for Khmer general knowledge: