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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Police investigates Tycoon's murder [The murder suspect is the personal bodyguard of Phnom Penh police commissioner Gen. Chuon Narin]

More reports and videos of the murder here.

PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) -- Phnom Penh police commissioner Chuon Sovann said on Monday that police and related institutions are investigating the tycoon's murderer. 

"Since November 22, police have collected evidence and information by asking witnesses and family members of the victims in order to identify and capture the gunman," he said. 

The commissioner added that they met with the police from General Commissariat of National Police this morning to speed up the investigation. 

Tycoon Ung Meng Chue, 54, owner of Hong Kong Diamond Shop and construction company and numbers of businesses, was shot dead Saturday night after he stepped out of his Lexus 570 out of a fruit store in Chamkar Morn. 
Khmerization: According to reports in Facebook, images and video taken during the murder show a man with striking similarity to a man at the scene of the murder after the murder. 

According to Koh Santepheap, a reputable newspaper,  the murder suspect is Sok Monitra, codenamed 338, who is an intervention police officer from Chamkar Mon district. However, people in Facebook said Sok Monitra is a personal bodyguard of Gen. Chuon Narin, the Police Commissioner of Phnom Penh.

Images of the suspect during the murder and images and video of a man at the scene of the murder after the murder show striking similarity - like they wear the same clothes, wearing a similar shirt with folded sleeves, wearing similar watch, carrying two-way radio, wearing the same shoes, a similar car key was hooked to his pant belt.

Gen. Chuon Sovan denied that the guy in the picture is the suspect, giving conflicting job description of the suspect. He said the suspect is an intervention police officer. However, in an interview with another media outlet, he said the man is a penal police officer.

The question is, does Police Commissioner Chuon Narin has anything to do with the murder of tycoon Ung Meng Cheu?

People who knew Ung Meng Cheu said he is a good businessman but he has a lot of controversial business deals with other powerful tycoons. Before his murder, he is due to testify in court in relation to a land deal/purchase against another powerful tycoon. Please look at the images and videos below and judge for yourself.

The guy below, who looks similar to the murderer, looks very nervous at the murder scene in the video below.

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Kmenhwatt said...

You are liar,the video doesn't lies,the picture of the killer and the police are same person,ask Hun sen he seen with his blinded eye that the shooter was the police in the video still worn the same clothes.If the blinded eye of Hun Sen can seen it,why your good two eyes can not see? You're a liar!!!!!