A Change of Guard

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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Deputy PM Yim Chhayly grabbed people's land and free 4 cobras inside his home in an attempt to murder him and his family after failing to forcibly evict him ព្រលែងពស់វែក ដើម្បីបណ្ដេញពលរដ្ឋចេញពីផ្ទះ

Watch more here: Deputy PM Yim Chhayly, who is Hun Sen's in-law, grabbed people land and use police to forcibly evict them.
Read the article by RFA here.


Anonymous said...

I heard this problem,but no body care about this matter,so if you want to tell devil hun sen it still the same because devil hun sen who give the rule for cpp,so only one thing we can do is change the new gov,pleas don't stand and watch the protesters,every body have to involve to make a big crow strong protest if you want a freedom,but if stand and watch them,devil still on the power,you should know devil everywhere now even big a small,like khmer said tunsong kor prey rorksy tam phnom tauch sy tam tauch thom sy tam thom this is true.

Anonymous said...

Kill this mother F greedy's Pig!...Ah jongrai nis lucky because ah nis not mess with my families.If it mess with my family,rob my land ah chhrook nis will be dead in brought day light!!! Please someone do something to teach these crooks a lesson,send a message to ah chhrook kbot cheat to respect people's property.A bird needs a nest to raise its young,people needs home/land to live on,to raise family,without that what do you live for?!?

**** kill this mother fxxcker now****


Anonymous said...

Khmers should learn something from the Arab world, if Khmers want freedom from these youns Cpp crooks.

Anonymous said...

This is criminal. These 4 cobras can kill an entire neighborhood. They can kill this man and his family and his neighbors if the snakes were not caught and killed. Three were caught, but the 4th has escaped.

In the West, the culprits will face first degree attempted murder and could be jailed for life, but if the 4 cobras killed many people, the culprits could face the death penalty.

Anonymous said...

find justice for this man and his family now!!