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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Lowell Residents Boycott Pagoda Over Monk Row

Video by The Lowell Sun
The Cambodia Daily
April 23, 2013 

More than 300 Cambodian-Americans in Lowell, Massachu­setts, de­cided Sunday to boycott all religious services at their local Buddhist temple in response to the head monk’s support for a fe­male layperson who was allegedly caught on video having sex with a Cambodi­an monk, a local official said.
Hundreds of people have protested over the past two weeks after the video was posted on YouTube allegedly showing the monk, Nhem Kim Teng from Svay Rieng province, with local layperson Maya Men, who is employed at the temple.
“The community decided to boycott all religious events because the head monk there refuses to dismiss the woman and she remains res­ident inside the temple,” Lowell city councilor Nuon Veasna said by telephone yesterday.
According to Mr. Veasna, the head monk dismissed Nhem Kim Teng—whose U.S. visa he said expired Monday—from the temple last Thursday, but his location was unknown.
“We have made an official com­plaint to the Ministry of Cults and Religion,” he said.
Phnom Penh’s chief monk Khem Sorn said he expected the Buddhist hierarchy would meet soon to decide what action to take over the allegations.


Anonymous said...

I knew this guy on the video. I ran for state representative a few years ago. But, even then he need Khmer support for his candidacy, one problem I knew right away for the first time met this dude. He expected me to kiss his ass instead he suppose to kiss Asian community ass to support him. The result...ZER0 percent vote what a god damn shame man. Oh by the way he doesn't really know how old he really is LOL

Anonymous said...

Where the hell is the"parajic"monk and his lover now? Its ashame to hear shit like this in khmer's community.Defrock that monk as soon as possible and shame him for his disgrace action upon Khmers' community in Lowell.

Anonymous said...

Save your personal differences to yourself. No need to attack him on this blog. We need to get rid off this damn disgrace monk ASAP. Why do we have to weaken ourselves all the time. We are already weaken...look around you.

Anonymous said...

you are all incorrect..as khmermen.this is why the "true"head of all religious head/s;of temple/s, should be lead/administrated by" female ~monk/s"...NOT MAN/MEN!men are traditionsly/historically-liers,deceitful,treterous,opportunist,ditrustful,wrak,arrogant,power-mongers ,and very..very.."sexually cmpulsive"ect;.just to name a few examples.if all wrre to return by way of the"MATRIARCH",(the womyn adminitrating things)then none of this woild be a concern. ad it would be ~"nonexsisting event...