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Friday, 19 April 2013

Kep Chuktema bribed Hun Sen's wife $300,000 to keep his job, but now he lost both his money and his job កែប ជុម៉ា សែនសាមសិបម៉ឺនដុល្លារឲ្យ ប៊ុន រ៉ានីហ៊ុនសែន ដើម្បីទប់ដំណែង នៅតែមិនជាប់ " ប្រាក់ក៏បង់បុណ្យក៏អស់ "

Phnom Penh Governor Kep Chuktema (pictured below) reportedly paid $300,000 in bribe to Bun Rany, Hun Sen's wife, to keep his job as governor of Phnom Penh, but as we can see from the royal decree signed by King Sihamoni below shows he has been sacked and replaced by Pa Socheatvong, the current deputy governor of Phnom Penh City.


Anonymous said...

300,000 US dollars is rather small , compared to $7 million which Ranariddh took from The Ex PP governor in 1994 .

Anonymous said...

I don't believe this articles,
such as liar, unreliable news

does not make sense,, at all

Anonymous said...

$300,000 is only from Kep Chuktema. I heard Hun Sen received $6 million from Naga Casino is around 1998 and another $1.5 million in around 2003 to allow it to stay in Phnom Penh instead of having to relocate to within 200km radius. What about the many businesses from China and Vietnam or the many officials Hun Sen appointed needlessly? I think Hun Sen got hundreds of million of dollars from bribery from people he appointed and from corrupt investors and local businessmen like Sok Kong, Ly Yong Phat, Yeay Phu and so on.

Anonymous said...

A lot of Fantasie from this information. Also heard that kind of stories most of the time from my own family most of the time.

Anonymous said...