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Monday, 30 July 2012

Thaksin's niece to wed son of Cambodian MP [Son of tycoon Sieng Nam to wed daughter of former Thai PM]

Somchai Wongsawat (center) is surrounded by his family as he waves to media after receiving the official royal command, appointing him as Thailand’s new prime minister, at his residence on Sep 18, 2008, in Bangkok, Thailand. Somchai Wongsawat officially became Thailand’s 26th prime minister, Member of Parliament elected Somchai, brother-in-law of ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra as Prime Minister on Wednesday to replace Samak Sundaravej. Which one of his daughters will be the daughter-in-law of tycoon Sieng Nam?

Fugitive ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra.
THAILAND - Former premier Somchai Wongsawat's family plans to hold an extravagant wedding party for daughter Chayapa, who will tie the knot with a son of Cambodian MP Sieng Nam, who is a close friend of Cambodian premier Hun Sen.
Chayapa's mother Yaowapa is a younger sister of fugitive ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra, who may also attend the wedding ceremony, which will take place some time next year, according to people close to the Wongsawat family. Chayapa has reportedly known the son of Sieng Nam for some time. The Cambodian MP is also an acquaintance of Thaksin.


Anonymous said...

WOW! A Good news!

Anonymous said...

This good for Thailand and Cambodia to reunited at last......New face of Khmer empier kingdom!

Anonymous said...

This guy building bridge for his safety in case shit happen in Srok khmers he and his families are safe on Srok Siam.If shit happen in Srok Siam he and his families are safe on Srok Khmer,it work both ways.

He has houses in both side of the borders,I don't know whether good or bad this two ways streets,how does it work in the future in case loves gone bad that has childrens involves.Don't get me wrong,it just my opinion about safety bridge in an unstaple's land.

Was this happen because of "arrangement" or they meet each other by accident and fall inlove?
If the bridge were build by parents (ARRANGEMENT) it will not work in the long especially,for an interacial couples.Just wait and see,I wish them both good lucks in advance.

Young khmer professional.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't the first time that wealthy khmers Marty wealthy siam,it has happened in Khmer's empire era,the members yoral's families had done that many time before.In fact,Khmer&siam were long lost relatives,culturely,traditionally,religion,or language all very similarity,good lucks to them both.

Anonymous said...

This happened in any country in the world.Love has no border.I wish all the best for the next couple.

Anonymous said...

Agree, this kind of relationships is good and positive steps for both peoples.
Even though Cambodia is poorer than Thailand but Khmers have a lot to offer to Thai and vise versa. I wish Thai peoples will just have a chance to learn the true history between our two country. Most Thai people truly believed in their hearts of their history book. THIS IS FAKE HISTORY BOOK. Thai peoples are good and Buddhist loving peoples but their country taught them a lot of bad blood between us. Khmers wont ask for those lost provinces back but just acknowledges that we are related and respect and we Khmers will in turn give the same espect back to Thai people.

Anonymous said...

Both families are rich, but I think Sieng Nam is richer because of his corrupt business practices using Hun Sen's influence. When their children got married, does it mean that more of Khmer wealth (Sieng Nam's wealth) will be transferred to Thailand?

Anonymous said...

No this is not an arrangment marriage, they fall in love together for long.

Anonymous said...

Good not "Arrangement" Questions:
If the Cambodian's guy wasn't the son of tycoon.Do you think the Siam's gal that related to Priminister of Siam will date this khmer's guy?
who can answer this truthfuly base on real life of ordinary's folks.

My opinion is NO! Siam's gal that relative[ niece]of Priminister will not date khmer's ordinary folks,if he wasn't tycoon's son.

From the bottom of my heart,I am very glade that these lovely's couples look beyond the conflicted of Preach Vihea,that reminded me of an old story during Khmer & Siam's war in Angkorian Era,siam's nurse fall inloved with khmers soldier happened to wounded during the war was taken to siam hospital,he lost so much blood the Siam's nurse donated her own blood to save his life,anyway,if you want to that story title: Mealea doungjet,in khmers language.

May god bless you both,may your love last to eternity,may our countries both side of the border living with peace loves properties forever together.