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Saturday, 9 June 2012

If we work together, we get a chance to win, if we work against each others, we'll lose

By Young Khmer professional

Dear Democracy and Human rights-lover and Communist-haters,

For the sake of our free people, countrymen/women and children, the 2013 election is our opportunity to win. If we all can put away our differences and work together to achieve one goal, and that is to WIN an election from Communism once and for all, we will have an opportunity to save our nation.

Thirty plus years of communist rule have made the country broke. The communist officials are RICH and the poor Khmers have become landless, faced with forced evictions and the unjust imprisonments of innocent Khmers have increased 100 fold.

If we work together, we'll have a chance to win next year's election. We'll have a chance to bring our country back to a full DEMOCRACY and kick out communism to HANOI for good.

Are you happy that you live under a regime that banned you from getting in your own country or living under a regime that kicked you out of your own country? Are you willing to put away your own ego for your country and your people, the Khmers? Do you want to kick the ruling CPP back to HANOI? Or you just want to be the leader of your party without a country? The choice is yours!!!

This angry open-ended question is for all the leaders of the non-communist parties to analyze. Are we working together to get ourselves free of communist oppression or working against each others in order to give full advantage to the CPP?

If we work together, we get a chance to win, if we work against each others, we'll lose. Time is not on your side,start working togethers now as one or prepare to live as an exile, or be a leader of your party without a country forever!!! You decide....!
If SRP and HRP merge, they will end in disaster
Anonymous said...

If the merger happen, it will end in disaster. These groups would split into micro-oppositions and continue to fight each other. They all claimed to fight for the country and its people, but that's not enough to make them merge in the first place. If they can't get that in their thick heads, then they are no different from Hun Sen. How sad.

The oppositions need to focus on how to better the lives of every national in Cambodia, so they can get votes. If you can light the quality of life, then you get votes. Not walking around saying,"see, if you vote for me things would be better". Show it, prove it.

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