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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Hun Sen was a poor farmer, but he forgot his roots

By Kmenh Watt

Re: Open letter to Hun Sen on convictions against 13 Cambodian human rights defenders

These corrupted human-beings do not hear the outcries of the world asking them to release these innocent Khmer people that they put in jail without justification.These heartless human-beings do what they wanted. First they stole their land, sold it to their cronies behind closed door, then they threw these people in jail and accused them of disobedience to the authorities.

These heartless beings will one day meet their marching order like the Arab Spring uprising, then all of these beings will have no place to hide. Revenge and bloodshed will be unavoidable if they continue these savage acts against their own citizens.

These beings are themselves do not own any land in Cambodia that they are living on now. The land that they live on now were stolen from the innocent Khmers whom they've killed during the Khmer Rouge regime. The real land owners in Phnom Penh were killed or have fled the country by force so that these heartless beings can steal their land and their homes.

Hun Sen himself was a poor farmer,very poor that he barely got his little education from Wat Lork (Buddhist temple). Otherwise, he will be as dumb as a pig. Now he forgot his roots, very sad to see all of these injustices spreading like wildfires in Cambodia in the name of "GREEDS". These heartless beings don't know what enough is....They are all rich, but never feel that enough is enough...!!!!! The CPP means the Corrupt People's Party, not the Cambodian People's Party.


Anonymous said...

Thanks khmerization for changing my words from"pigs" to heartless being...My personal opinion is:the pigs were dirtiest/greediest animals on earth eat never get enough....eat,sleep...sleep eat...never care for anything but itself (pigs) Understand that heartless creature/being are the same as a PIG.

Your kind word is not fit to put into context for these regime [Cpp] If they are human-being,they won't do such thing to another human-being the way Cpp pigs had done to khmers evictees/poor khmers people.

Anonymous said...

Thank you khmerization for changing my context.I still call Cpp=corrupted pigs party...

Kmenh watt

Anonymous said...

Bravo Ah Kmenh Watt !!!
you are using the right words to describe this regime.The pigs,heartless being,heartless creature...Good job dude!...Bravo!!!!