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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Restoration of Wat Bakong completed

Wednesday, 14 December 2011
Posted by Serath

PHNOM PENH, (Cambodia Herald)- Cambodia has completed restoration of Wat Bakong (pictured), which is a valuable cultural heritage.

The inauguration of the completion of the restoration held on 12 December and was presided over by Deputy Prime Minister Sok AN.

"The restoration of Bakong was sponsored by Holcim company and implemented by Restaurateurs Sans Frontières. The restoration brings back the beauty of Bakong," Sok An told the ceremony.

"It is a great opportunity for young architects and designers of APSARA to gain more experience and also for the Buddhist clergy and the local population to become more aware of the conservation work of historic buildings," he added.

Paul Hugentobler, Holcim Executive Member said that the restoration and conservation project of the old mural painting of Wat Prasat Bakong is done with a high degree of quality and sustainability.

He added thhe restoration of the Bakong Vihara, was conducted in three phases, and we have spent nearly five years in bringing the Vihara back to its former glory.

The first phase targeted the urgent rescue of eleven panels in the gallery, and covered a detailed study to identify the right method for structural repair. It involved constructing a temporary roof over the Vihara to prevent water ingress and further destruction of the mural paintings inside the Vihara.

The second phase was started in 2009, and aimed at strengthening the structure further and in fully repairing the Vihara roof.

The third phase was the restoration work on the mural paintings themselves. This was very professionally carried out by “Restaurateurs Sans Frontieres” led by Mr. Robert Bougrain, taking meticulous care to revive the murals to their original beauty and splendour.

The project cost $ 391,392.

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