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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Singer Huoy Meas, aka Comrade Lom, prior to her killing by the Khmer Rouge in Moung Russey, Battambang

A comrade of Houy Meas from Nehru on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

There most probably having been directives from KR leadership to have former Lon Nol high ranking officers(mil and civil)be killed after the fresh victory of April 17. But I do not think there were any of that similar order to kill "general population" especially those evacuated people from big city otherwise I could not be here typing this comment.If there were many killing in the commune or working site, it was conducted by the local or regional KR through their old day vengeance.
I tend to believe that Huoy Meas was killed by her ex husband group. May be I'm wrong since I had escaped earlier to Thailand in 1978. May be KR want to eliminate the possibility that these new evacuees will able to cooperate with the up coming Viet force against them then they killed these people according to the infamous motto "to keep is no gain to slain is no loss".
I keep listening to younger Khmer singers and looking forward...who will have the flavor of Huoy Meas' voice.
Song Seng Horn posted her commentary in YT with great deal of sweetness so far. Keep up honey,er...I meant sister you are pretty close! I love your talent.