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Thursday, 13 October 2011

A personal attack on Chey Mongkol: A Khmer Language teacher in Surin Province

Dear KI-Media and Khmerization,

It is my sadness to present this paper to you and our Khmr brothers and sisters. Please publish it and I don't mind even it is directly hit me.

I know who did it and I just keep it for months but eventually I decide to make people know because it is benefit of all of us.

Yours sincerely,
Cheymongkol Chalermsukjitsri


Anonymous said...

thank you for putting out the true information. i know he is a crook.

Anonymous said...


No, he is not a crook like you people think. I know him personally and he is trying to teach Khmers in Surin the Khmer languages. If you don't have anything nice to say about a person or make good contributions to his causes'. Shut the fuck up...you fucking Khmer asshole.

You should fucking criticize Hun Sen in Srok Khmer but instead you criticize someone that is trying to keep Khmer culture alike in another country. You pieces of shit.

Where do you fucking live? in Srok Khmer I bet....come by my house we talk...

If you have the mean to travel to Bridgewater, MASS, USA 02324

It's 12:35 PM where I am.

Khmer Angkorian, Bridgewater, MASS, USA, 02324

Anonymous said...

When will you Khmers learn, that " unity is strength?" When are you going to stop tearing each other to bit and pieces? What is it that all of you always have the knack of putting each other down?

The Khmer empire collapsed because of people like you. You rather looked for the short comings of your own people than to support and strengthen each other. You tear each other to pieces than to up build each other for the good of the whole nation.

If all of you Khmer's continue to behave as you always do, there will be no Khmers left in the future. All of you will be cut down to pieces by your enemies round about you.

"If you have nothing nice to say, don't say nothing at all"
You do a fine deed, Mr Chey Mongkol for educating Khmers in Thailand to preserve their heritage.