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Friday, 14 October 2011

Formal Letter to Hu Jintao President of PRC to handle with the agents of Vietnam in Cambodia

Kingdom of Cambodia
Nation Religion King

Attn: Hu Jintao, President of PRC
No. 2, Chaoyangmen Nandajie,
Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100701
Phone: (8610) 88050813
Fax: (8610) 63070900
Email: english@mail.gov.cn

Respectful Exellency;

We are the younger generations of Cambodia has closely anticipated the relationship and cooperation between Kingdom of Cambodia and People Republic of China in which this traditional relationship has occurred since ancient period of pre-Angkorean era. Leaders of China has always paid attention to the effort of nation building of Cambodia including the struggle for independence from French colony and subsequent invasions of her neighbors.

Evidently, the invasion of Vietnamese troops over Cambodia in 7 January 1979, bravery soldiers of China launched operation against Vietnam at the Northern border zone to instruct them a lesson. Since then, China has endeavored to stop all imperialistic attempts of Vietnam to swallow Cambodia.

Unfortunately, the tricks Vietnam used to swallow Cambodia has been operational at the present. We would like to draw attention of His Excellency to consider three points following below:
  1. Vietnamese agents are still infiltrating as Khmer leaders and employees in various sectors in Cambodia such as main ministries, national policemen, national arm forces, civil servants and illegal Vietnamese immigrants. Those are wearing Khmer cloths and speaking Khmer language but their inner mentality is serving Vietnam and undermining the interests and efforts of China in Cambodia.
  2. Many Khmer top leaders within the CPP are former Vietnamese experts in Cambodia who have played a card to support China's policies but in reality they are certainly cheating China to attract large amount of aids in order to achieve their original plan in swallowing Cambodia as well as undermine China's interests.
  3. China should not overlook those hidden agendas and agents of Vietnam, though they could not oppose China publicly but secretly they are able to unify Indochina Federation (Cambodia, Vietnam and Lao). In that moment, Vietnam can request some countries in Asean and other powerful countries to join them to openly attack China especially the pretext of intractable scheme of Spratly island between China and Vietnam.
We are younger Cambodians have seen the activities of those Vietnamese agents as a force that can destroy both Kingdom of Cambodia and People Republic of China.

We do hope that this letter is able to meet your consideration, the President of PRC, in laying measures to handle with those dirty tricks of Vietnamese agents in Cambodia in their persistent attempts to swallow Kingdom of Cambodia and to undermine the interests of the People Republic of China.


Phnom Penh: Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Khmer Young


Anonymous said...

Where are the human rights and democracy? these values ​​are also very useful and important for the development of modern Cambodia. Do not forget it.
Also ask to Communist China to respect these values .

Anonymous said...

Your approach is very naive , childish and unnecessary. The Chinese are smarter than you. They know well defend their interests.They have their spies everywhere even in the Sam Rainsy party and also in your computer.
You are wasting your time.

Anonymous said...

Good thought, but the king and his father are already in china. Let them do the dance, if you what I mean. By the way, keep poking with more idea.


Anonymous said...

This is very serious claim and although it is true but I doubt that China willing to risk war with Vietnam. Vietnam already has US in their pocket already so China is fighting uphill battle. Good luck.