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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

1991 Paris Peace Agreement - Solidarity March & Rally in Ottawa, Canada

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We encourage you all to participate to the ceremony of the 20th Anniversary of Paris Peace Accord at the temple Buddhasatharam in Montreal and the public demonstration at the Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Please note that the public demonstration is not only about politics, it is about freedom, about peace, and human rights in Kampuchea. In Canada we are lucky to have freedom and justice, why not helping Khmer people to reach that level. March for peace and freedom, march for reconvening the Paris Peace Accord of 1991. Please invite all your relatives and friends for this public demonstration. Get yourself ready, tell your boss you will take a day off, or tell your director that you will not attend class the 24th of October 2011. People will only respect you more when they see that you love your country and that you are doing this to help others.

Promote peace & freedom.

Organizer Committee

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