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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Sam Rainsy Party is The Only Hope When Hun Sen Capitalizes on Kem Sokha’s Duplicity

31 May 2011


The recent leak of a secret conversation/deal between Hun Sen and Kem Sokha has the effect of a bomb on Cambodia’s political landscape.

The recorded conversation took place on 25 July 2007, meaning just three days after the creation of Kem Sokha’s Human Rights Party (HPR). In the conversation, Hun Sen and Kem Sokha precisely discussed the circumstances surrounding the creation of the HPR, which was made possible thanks to the support and assistance of Hun Sen’s Cambodian People’s Party (CPP).

Hun Sen and Kem Sokha clearly showed their common goal: the destruction of the Sam Rainsy Party (SRP), the main opposition party that had unwaveringly been standing against the CPP. Hun Sen gave Kem Sokha advice and recommendations on how to achieve this goal or, at least, how to disturb and weaken the SRP. Kem Sokha profusely thanked Hun Sen for his support and welcomed Hun Sen’s advice and recommendations as “instructions” from the CPP Prime Minister.

A few years after concluding his deal with Hun Sen, meaning now, everybody can see Kem Sokha’s duplicity when he pretends he wants to form an alliance with the SRP against the CPP. How can he form an alliance with the SRP while the secret goal he shares with the CPP is to destroy the very same SRP?

Kem Sokha is not an honest man. He is not honest with the SRP and cannot be a loyal partner. But he is not honest even with his own supporters, those HRP members who wrongly believed that the HRP was formed to oppose the CPP and who would have never imagined that Kem Sokha would make a secret deal with the CPP against the SRP in order to serve his personal interest.

Kem Sokha’s duplicity does not allow the SRP to consider his HRP as a possible partner in any alliance. The HRP may perhaps form a shady alliance with Funcinpec or the Norodom Ranariddh Party (NRP). These three small parties with no principles have something in common: they all compete to serve in, and under, a treasonous government led by Hun Sen’s CPP.

As Cambodia’s second largest political party, the SRP remains the only credible alternative to the autocratic Hun Sen regime. It has always abided by its patriotic and democratic principles. It represents the only hope for a democratic change. This is why it has always borne the brunt of the CPP repression.

Just a few days before the leak of the secret deal between Hun Sen and Kem Sokha, Sam Rainsy published a statement reinstating his stance, “A Peaceful Way To Put An End To The Despised Hun Sen Regime.”

Therefore, the SRP will continue to grow on Cambodia’s political landscape as the main popular force to combat the repressive and regressive CPP. It will continue to relentlessly and determinedly fight for Cambodia’s national independence and territorial integrity, and for good governance and social justice.

SRP Cabinet

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