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Friday, 15 April 2011

Sumner Redstone Donates $500,000 to Cambodian Children’s Fund

Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Sumner M. Redstone, chairman and controlling shareholder of Viacom and CBS, with his daughter, Shari, right, and granddaughter Kim in 2003.

By Georg Szalai
The Hollywood Reporter
14th April 2011

The fund “can provide hope and a path to a new life for thousands of young lives,” he said of his latest donation.

NEW YORK - Viacom and CBS Corp. chairman and controlling shareholder Sumner Redstone on Thursday announced his second donation of $500,000 to the Cambodian Children's Fund via his Sumner M. Redstone Charitable Foundation as he continues to donate some of his money.

The non-profit program, to which Redstone donated the same amount in 2007, provides health and educational services to impoverished and abused children in Cambodia's capital Phnom Penh.

The fund was founded by executive director Scott Neeson, a former Sony executive who knows Redstone, a spokesman said.

Redstone’s initial 2007 commitment established CCF's child rescue center. The latest grant will help fund continued operations.

"The Cambodian Children's Fund is bringing life saving services to innocent children who live in a world of poverty, sickness and ignorance," said Redstone. "With this additional funding, the CCF can grow their programs to serve a wider range of children and to help sustain its operations for the long term. Through the consistency and expansion of its health care and education services, the CCF can provide hope and a path to a new life for thousands of young lives."

Redstone added that "I hope this gift will encourage others to join me in supporting the amazing work of the Cambodian Children's Fund."

Said Neeson “On any given day, our center provides food and health care to over 300 of the country's most vulnerable population. As the demand on our services has increased, so have the costs.”

Last year, Redstone donated $1.5 million to schools he attended and also made a $1 million contribution to advocacy group Autism Speaks. The latter was his largest donation to the group that he has supported in the past.


Anonymous said...

What a great family with great golden heart.I simply can not find the right and appropriate word to describe my gratitude to this family and director Neeson.It's really a Divine Blessing for Humanity to have these people walk the earth.
200 years of long living are deserved for each of them.

Anonymous said...

May God bless them.

True Khmer

Anonymous said...

He has a very good heart and a very beautiful granddaughter. God bless him and his family.

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