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Friday, 18 February 2011

Tensions along Pursat and Koh Kong borders as Thailand reinforced troops

Military activities at Thmor Da district.

By Khmerization
Source: Kampuchea Thmey

Thailand had reinforced more troops and moved artillery pieces into Cambodian-Thai borders at Thmor Da district in Pursat province at the same time of a renewed tensions Preah Vihear.

Mr. Kuoy Saroeun, commander of the 825th Border Unit based at Thmor Da, said that before the Thai side had posted only 3 border guards at its border post near Thmo Da district about 200 metres from the Cambodian border post, but since the fighting and tensions at Preah Vihear they have reinforced more troops and sent more artillery pieces into the area. However, he said despite Thai troop reinforcements, local business and military relations are still cordial as usual.

MDS Investment Group, which partnered with Thai investors from Thailand's Sisaket province to develop a special economic zone at Thmor Da district, had not suspended its works in the area. Oknha Try Pheap, owner of MDS Investment group, said his company plans to invest $30 million to develop the Thmor Da special economic zone, including building a casino, a market, a bus/vehicle terminal and a commercial and entertainment centres.

In Koh Kong province, everyday.com also reported that the provincial governor had on Tuesday 15th February appealed to all Koh Kong residents to remain calm and go about their businesses as usual after many villagers had fled border areas due to increased military tensions with Thailand.

Many border villagers began to flee their villages after Thailand had mobilised troops, warships and artillery pieces into the areas. However, the governor said the situation at the present time remain quiet as usual and that villagers should not get panicked and flee the areas.

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