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Monday, 29 November 2010

Cambodian PM says no one will be punished for holiday stampede that killed 351

By: The Associated Press
Posted: 29/11/2010

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia - Cambodia's prime minister says that no one will be punished for last week's holiday stampede that left at least 351 people dead.

Hun Sen (pictured) says that many people have to share responsibility for not anticipating the problem that caused the Nov. 22 tragedy, but that rescue efforts were adequate.

Hun Sen said Monday: "No one will receive punishment for this incident. We have to learn a lesson from this for solving such problems in the future."

Preliminary findings by an official investigation committee found that the natural swaying of a suspension bridge provoked fears that it would collapse, leading to panic and a stampede as people tried to escape.


Anonymous said...

HUN SEN digging his own grave.

Anonymous said...

Another word Hun Sen blamed the crowd themselves.What was his tears for ?

This is how Hanoi's man mind work. In western countries,all of the persons such as police chief and event organiser would have been sacked. You could tell that the crowd were left to crush on top of each other for nearly an hour,without the help of the polices.
Cambodian deserve to have a better PM,Than this Haoi's clown.

True Khmer