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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Son of Oknha Kong Triv detained for firing 8 rounds of gunshots

By Khmerization
Source: CEN

The son of a senator and prominent businessman Oknha Siv Kong Triv has been detained by Daun Penh police after he fired 8 rounds of gunshots from a sawn-off AK-47 automatic riffle when he found out that a debtor did not show up at an appointment to repay the debt.

According to local media reports, 25 year-old Siv Meng Meng, a son of Oknha Siv Kong Triv, owner of British American Tobacco (Cambodia) Limited, and his driver, 25 year-old Pheap Seng Thong, were arrested on the spot at 12:30 a.m on Firday 29th October. Police had also confiscated his gun and impounded his black LEXUS LX 470 bearing the number plate 2H 9777.

Sources said that Siv Meng Meng and his driver were drinking at Yang Chov Restaurant when he called Diep to come and settle the $10,000 debt. Diep then re-arranged for the meeting to be held at Star Club. After Meng Meng arrived at the club, he did not find Diep and got so angry that he let off 8 rounds of AK-47 into the air, causing the locals to duck for cover. The police was called and Meng Meng and his driver were detained on the spot.

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