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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Cheam Yeap cursed those who cursed Hun Sen

By Khmerizarion
Source: DAP News

Mr. Cheap Yeap (pictured), a senior MP from the ruling Cambodian People's Party and chairman of the National Assembly's Finance and Audit Committee, has cursed those who cursed Hun Sen, saying that they will be destroyed or killed by a lightning. Mr. Cheam Yeap said Prime Minister Hun Sen is a national hero who should not be insulted.

Mr. Cheam Cheap's curse followed the report by ASTV Manager Online, a TV owned by a Thai ultra-nationalist Mr. Sodhi Limthongkul, on 29th August that a Thai group calling itself Vishnu Lovers has performed a ritual ceremony in Vishnulok province by paying homage to King Nuresuan, a great 16th century Thai king who defeated the Burmese invaders and who ruled Cambodia from 1594-1595 when they ransacked the Cambodian royal capital of Longvek. During the who ceremony it was reported that the 50 or so participants bowed to the statue of King Nuresuan. After that, they replaced Nuresuan's statue with Hun Sen's picture and they stick it to a banana tree and cut off the banana tree and tossed it away to rid off bad luck. The report said that they participants cursed Hun Sen by saying that he is an ungrateful person to King Nuresuan who had saved and ruled Cambodians.

In response to the actions of these Thai ultra-nationalists, aided and abetted by Mr. Sondhi Limthongkul, Mr. Cheam Yeap said that these Thai people forgot that they were the invaders who ransacked Longvek and annexed many Cambodian provinces, including Kauk Khan (Sisaket), Surin, Nokor Reach Seima (Korat) etc. Mr. Cheam Yeap called these Thai ultra-nationalists as inhuman, barbarians, bastard jungle robbers and religion blasphemers who can't differentiate between bad deeds from good deeds and who dare to curse and insult Cambodia's hero, Samdech Hun Sen, who was respected by all Cambodians. He said if Mr. Sondhi and his group continue to insult Mr. Hun Sen he will meet with misdeeds and death like on 17th April 2009 when he was riddled with bullets during a failed attempt on his life.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if Mr. Cheap Yeap is qualify to hold any real government position, I do not know how much education he has, he is unable to articulate long discussion or conversation among people, and he is a chairman of the National Assembly, and Finance Audit Committee. Outrageous, just out outrageous, this is the kind of individual that Cambodia has as a leader. In my opinion, I think he is excellence candidate for a sucker, ass kisser, and a pencil pusher, and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what level of formal education Cheam Yeap had attained, but he has been honored with an honorary PH.D degree just recently. They called him Doc now. To me, he looks like a drunkard.