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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Begging is all they can do to get help for the land-grabbing they suffered

Villagers from Chi Khor district, Koh Kong province, are seen begging the authority to help resolve the land-grabbing dispute with the Heng Huy Company that lasted since long ago (Photo: Adhoc)


Anonymous said...

stop begging, let stand up and fight for it. it is your land any way. stop hold Hun Xen and his wife picture because they are the one who allowed this thing to happen, get it? the buck stopthere. every thing is on their hands, you get it. you should burn that pictures instead holding it.

Anonymous said...

2:16am, those unfortunate people rely on their government to help them.. They are powerless. They are begging for Ah Hun Sen's mercy. Ah Hun Sen is the king of kings in Cambodia. Only Ah Hun Sen can help these people. Since Ah Hun Sen is Hano's dog, he can't do anything for them.

Not just Khmer Krom had their lands taken, even Khmer in Cambodia also had their land robed away. When will this end for Khmer. This only brought more bitterness and hatred toward Vietnam, Vietnam is promoting peace and friendship with Cambodia at the same time quietly encroaching into Cambodia.