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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Hun Sen strongly rebuked a Cambodian military and Thai-owned TV

Mr. Hun Sen during his visit to Cambodian troops in Battambang on 27th February.

By Khmerization
Sources: RFA and Kampuchea Thmey

Prime Minister Hun Sen has gone into a tirade against TV5, co-owned by the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces and a Thai company, accusing it of failing to fulfill its duty of serving the army, report Radio Free Asia and Kampuchea Thmey Newspaper.

TV5, co-owned by a private Thai company and the Cambodian Defence Ministry, was given a license to broadcast programs related to the Cambodian defence and army, but recently it mostly broadcast music and entertainment.

In a speech during his visit to Cambodian troops in Battambang province on Saturday 27th February, Mr. Hun Sen ordered TV5 to stop using and displaying the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF) name and its logo on the TV screen immediately. "Please take off the logo of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces. It is not necessary, just use the name TV5 only because it uses the RCAF's name but it didn't broadcast much about the army's works, so it should be taken off. I only allow Haeng (derogatory term for 'you') to use the name of TV5 only but (you) must delete the RCAF's name from the station. All the pictorials of the army will not be allowed to be shown any longer", Hun Sen said.

According to Kampuchea Thmey, Prime Minister Hun Sen was so enraged that TV5 fails to broadcast his speech and activities during his visit to Preah Vihear and Ta Moan Thom temples early this month. In the Bambambang speech, Mr. Hun Sen directly blamed and blasted Gen. Neang Phat, Secretary of State of Defence Ministry and director of TV5, for failing to run TV5 in accordance with its originally aims of serving the army. "Is it because Neang Phat wear too heavy military insignia that he forget to supervise this issue properly? " he said quoted by Kampuchea Thmey.

He chided Gen. Neang Phat for not doing a proper job after a good promotion. "I donned him with a lot of stars, but those stars are useless, they cannot perform their duty, so please sell all your share (of TV5) to Anh (derogatory term for 'me'). I will buy all the share because the TV is not reformed. It only broadcast my speech in the last few days, but before it never broadcast (my speech) at all, even if we went to visit the army, Vear (derogatory term for 'they') never broadcast my speech about the army, Vear never broadcast it at all, Ah Neung (derogatory term for 'that one'). So, I say that please don't use (the military logo) and when we return back (to Phnom Penh) His Excellency Tea Banh must examine this issue", Hun Sen declared.

Gen. Neang Phat, director of TV5, cannot be reached for comment. Defence Minister Tea Banh said the Defence Ministry will carry out Mr. Hun Sen's order.

Mrs. Chea Vannath, an independent analyst, said that a prime minister cannot order a TV station what to do. "No politicians or leaders can order any TV station what name they can or cannot use. If they write a letter in their capacity as private citizens, it is OK", she said.


Anonymous said...

TV5 doing the right thing not to broadcast an Uneducated speech by fucking crazy PM.
I've seen lots of Khmer in the United States are very, very intelligence. Event in general speaking, their use of language are so professional.

Many Khmer elected to vote for this crazy dude, this tell me what kind of education Khmer in Cambodia are.

Anonymous said...

Not many Khmers voted for Hun Sen. He cheated to win. He lost in 1993, but refused to give up powers. Now he control the election process- voting and counting- so he cheated to win.