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Saturday, 30 January 2010

A Political and Moral Victory for Cambodia

January 30, 2010

Because of irrefutable evidence of border encroachment presented by the Sam Rainsy Party as shown at http://tinyurl.com/yeaoxyf , the Cambodian government has started to reconsider their official position on the issue of border delimitation with Vietnam. This change in attitude has been exposed in SRP January 29 statement “Government admits mistake on border post location,” which can be read at http://tinyurl.com/yhnee57

But even before the Cambodian government was forced to realize their mistake, the Vietnamese authorities implicitly but publicly recognized their own mistake on November 16 when they removed themselves “temporary border posts” (#184, 186 and 187) in the immediate vicinity of post #185 which Sam Rainsy removed on October 25, 2009. See photos at http://tinyurl.com/yeaoxyf

Vietnamese border officials took those alleged border demarcation stakes back to Vietnam, which constitutes a political and moral victory for Cambodia. Hopefully, the Vietnamese (tactical?) retreat will pave the way for Cambodian farmers to recover their ancestral rice fields.

SRP Members of Parliament


Anonymous said...

Because of the US don't like King Sihanok they made Cambodia to year Zero and now they don't like PM Hun Sen they're made Cambodia walk slowly forward and backward because of the east and the west and Mr samransy is the man whose fight with CPP to make Cambodia go backward and let the Thai killing more Khmer

Anonymous said...

It is true, without Rainsy's actions and publicity stunt, the Viets would not have removed those border markers. Because of Rainsy's and villagers' actions, those border markers are now removed by Vietnam. So, it is a sort of moral but, also real, victory as well.