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Saturday, 30 January 2010


January 29, 2010

In a statement broadcast yesterday on Radio Free Asia, government representative and Border Committee chief Var Kim Hong admitted that the maps used by opposition leader Sam Rainsy in his presentation to expose border encroachment by Vietnam are the “correct maps.” [Sam Rainsy’s full presentation is available at http://tinyurl.com/yeaoxyf].

However, Var Kim Hong claimed that the geographic coordinates stated by Sam Rainsy for the temporary border post #185 which Sam Rainsy pullet out last October, were “incorrect.”

But most surprisingly, Var Kim Hong refused to reveal the “correct” coordinates according to the government.

Since any given spot on Earth has specific, precise and unique geographic coordinates, and since the SRP is 100 percent certain of the geographic coordinates of border post #185 -- which anybody can obtain by going on the spot with a GPS device -- we can very logically infer that the government now recognizes that the so-called border post #185 uprooted by Sam Rainsy was planted at a wrong location and therefore was not a “correct” and legal border post.

Therefore, the accusation against Sam Rainsy and two farmers now in jail, is groundless and the charges against them must be dropped.

SRP Members of Parliament

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