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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Hun Sen's niece convicted of fraud and property destructions

Reported by Khmerization

A woman who claimed to be a niece of Prime Minister Hun Sen has been convicted to 5 years and 8 months jail term on 27th April for fraud and property destructions, reports Khmer Sthapana newspaper.

Mrs. Leng Bunny, aged 45, claimed that she is a real niece of Prime Minister Hun Sen but said that she never used Prime Minister Hun Sen's name in her business dealings with others.

According to Khmer Sthapana, Mrs. Leng Bunny, her sister Leng Buntha, 48 and Mr. Chan Vuthy, 39, who is an editor of a local newspaper in Phnom Penh and 4 other people had originally been convicted of extortions but the sentences were later changed to fraud and property destructions.

Leng Bunny, Leng Buntha and their associates had been convicted in relations to land disputes between Mr. and Iev Em and Mrs. Ros Sarom versus Mr. Prak Sovann Ratanak and Mrs. Sourn Tevy who are the rightful owners of the lands. Mrs. Leng Bunny was said to have taken side with Mr. Iev Em against Mr. Prak Sovann Ratanak and had ordered the destructions of the lands in disputes in Sihanoukville. Mr. Prak claimed to have lived on the lands since 1990, says Khmer Sthapana.

In the disputes Mrs. Leng Bunny demanded Mr. Prak to pay $20,000 to Mr. Iev for occupying the lands since 1990. But during a rendezvous to deliver the money to Mrs. Leng Bunny, police surrounded the place and arrested Leng Bunny and her associates for extortions and property destructions.

Mrs. Leng Bunny, who claimed that she is the real niece of Prime Minister Hun Sen, and associates were sentenced to 5 years and 8 months imprisonment, but the group had lodged an appeal, report Khmer Sthapana.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

They think that because they are the Hun Sen clan they can do anything they want. This case shows that even the niece of PM Hun Sen can be convicted and sentenced to long prison term. No one should be above the laws.