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Monday, 23 February 2009

Heng Pov's accomplice who is Gen. Dul Koeun's bodyguard arrested for attempted murder of editor-in-chief of Koh Santepheap newspaper

Col. Pheng Phay in handcuff (top). Gen. Dul Keoun (R) and the late Gen. Hok Lundy (L) were arch-rivals (bottom).

Doeum Ampil News
22nd Feb, 2009
Reported in English by Khmerization

Gen. Dul Koeun's bodyguard was arrested for attempted murder of Koh Santepheap's editor-in-chief more than 10 years ago.

Col. Pheng Phay, a police officer attached to the Ministry of Interior and a bodyguard of Gen. Dul Koeun, chief of Logistics and Finance of Ministry of Interior, was arrested by a group of military police on the morning of 21st February on Norodom Boulevard while returning from dropping off Gen. Dul Koeun at a golf club.

The Phnom Penh Court has issued an arrest warrant for Col. Phay Pheng since nearly two years ago. The police found Col. Phay Pheng after they received the arrest warrant but were scared to arrest him hecause he was a colonel working in the Ministry of Interior and because he was a bodyguard of Gen. Dul Koeun. But recently, the police received an order from the higher authority to arrest him.

Oknha Thong Uy Pang, editor-in-chief of The Koh Santepheap Daily, and one of his bodyguards were shot and wounded when attending a religious ceremony organised by his family at Wat Teuk Thla on the outskirt of Phnom Penh more than 10 years ago. During the shoot out, one of the attackers, presumed to be Heng Veng who is the brother of Gen. Heng Pov, was wounded but he has escaped arrest. Heng Veng was then put on a plane to get treatment in Vietnam. At that time, Heng Pov claimed that his brother was wounded during an operation to crackdown on drug-traffickers.

After Gen. Heng Pov, Commissioner of Phnom Penh Police, had a fall out with Prime Minister Hun Sen in 2006, he was accused of masterminding the assassination attempt on Oknha Thong Uy Pang. Gen. Heng Pov was extradited from Malaysia and arrested along with his alleged accomplice, Tram Vuthy alias Ly Rasy. Two other alleged accomplices, Heng Veng and Phay Pheng, remain at large until Phay Pheng was arrested on the morning of 21st February, 2009.

There are reports that, after the arrest of Phay Pheng, Gen. Dul Koeun has strongly intervened to secure his release but the court told him that it cannot release Col. Phay Pheng because they are afraid that they might have a problem with the "higher authority".

Doeum Ampil News was unable to contact Gen. Dul Koeun in relations to the above allegations and the arrest of Col. Phay Pheng.

It must be noted that Gen. Dul Koeun, like Gen. Heng Pov, was an arch-rival of the National Police Commissioner, the late Gen. Hok Lundy.


Anonymous said...

This is a sign that Gen. Dul Koeun is in trouble? Arrest his bodyguard so they can implicate him and they can arrest him or demote him? In Cambodia, everything is possible because we can see Gen. Heng Pov's and Ke Kim Yan's case as the examples.

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Anonymous said...

yes, peal si peal- they are killing each other for power.