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Thursday, 26 February 2009

A 2500 year-old ancient tomb found in Cambodia

The burial site at Snay village. Photo by Amakak.

Koh Santepheap newspaper
25th Feb, 2009
Reported in English by Khmerization

A pre-historic burial site has been found in northwest Cambodia. A Japanese team of archaeologists has just finished digging a 500 B.C pre-historic burial site in Snay village, Rohal commune, Preah Net Preah district in Banteay Meanchey province.

The excavations, which were led by Dr. Miyasuka who is a project leader and Prof. Yusino Riyasuda, from the Japanese Centre for International Research, began at the beginning of 2008 and were completed on 21st February 2009.

Prof. Yusino Riyasuda said that the excavations of 9 tombs resulted in the finds of 42 human remains and three brick tombs. The professor said that, according to the research by other Japanese archaeologists, the burial site could be dated back to 500 B.C (Before Christ).

Prof. Riyasuda said that the findings of the three brick tombs proved that the Khmer ancestors were very clever who have built water tanks/reservoirs for their own use and have practised a corpse preservation (mummify the corpse?) since ancient time. The professor said that the team will study the mystery of the period’s civilsation, the irrigation systems and the constructions of the tombs at Snay village.

Prof. Riyasuda said that the excavation project was financed by the Japanese government and the U.S embassy in collaboration with Cambodian Ministry of Fine Arts.

At the completion of the excavations, the Japanese team built a memorial shrine to house the ancient human remains found at the site.

Mr. Prak Sovannara, director of heritage at the Cambodian Ministry of Fine Arts, said that the Japanese team will return back to the site to study the mystery of this ancient civilisation and the irrigation system used in the area 2500 years ago.

Excerpt from a PowerPoint presentation by Yoshito Miyatsuka
Miyatsuka Institute of Archeology

(Thanks to Bora Touch, Esq.)

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