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Thursday, 10 July 2008

Cambodia 2007: Tourism in brief

Ministry of Tourism expects the number of international arrival will increase up to 3.2 million in 2010 and 5 million in 2015.

Cambodia is rich in cultural, historical and natural resources (www.tourismindochina.com/attractionsite.htm). In 2007, Cambodia received 2.01 million of international tourists, an 18.5 % increase, which created US$ 1400 million of revenue, a growth of 33.46% over 2006 for the country, that provided 300 000 jobs. Tourism sector has represented a crucial role among all sectors in Cambodia.

Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia estimate that in 2010, international tourist will increase up to 3.2 million and up to 5 million in 2015. Tourism sector has contributed to accelerate economic, create jobs, and alleviate poverty, which is one of the foremost Millennium Development Goals of Cambodia. 'Of all international arrivals in 2007, 55.61% visited the Siem Reap Angkor Complex and 44.39% visited Phnom Penh and other destinations.' (Ministry of Tourism's Annual Report, 2007). Specifically, male accounted for 55.10% while female

Based on arrival volumes, the Republic of Korea was the major source market for Cambodia and the next most important source was Japan, USA, Vietnam, China, Taiwan(China), Thailand, France, United Kingdom and Malaysia. The major modes of arrivals in Cambodia are arrival by air and by land and water ways. The 1, 296, 513 international visitor arrived by air which is a share of 64.34% and the rest arrived by land and water way, accounted for 35.66 % of the total international arrivals in Cambodia.

By CHHEM Samnang

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