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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Simple, down to earth meal ...

... for School of Vice

[The fish curry -  Sri Lankan Tamil - is bursting with flavours and spices, and not at all as simple as it looks!].


Anonymous said...

I rather have ជ្រូកលីង!
That is the translation from Google:

roasted pig = ជ្រូកលីង

Kalonh Chuck ខ្មែរពីស្បែកដល់ឆ្អឹង! said...

Congrats to SOV for being the #1 cook apprentice(?)!!! j/k. Hopefully I won't be banned from this blog anytime soon...lol!!! ខាល


Hello 2 July 2016 at 10:17, why not ជ្រូកខ្វៃ?

Anonymous said...

If, roasted pig = ជ្រូកខ្វៃ

There would be no fun. LOL

Anonymous said...

Ok I got it now...LOL!!! Thx. Have a happy 4th!