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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

In prison safer than out, says Um Sam An

Manekseka Sangkum

Well, at least the Khmer people are not yet being imprisoned or killed for using the word "yuon" [for Vietnam and Vietnamese] - not yet. It would certainly take a lot of prison space and resources as well as bullets to enforce that criminal code!! And, yes by that time, even some of our friends at the Post may even live long enough to admit to having been misled all along - by none other than "our  trusted 'Cambodian' colleagues", commentators and "analysts" within the NGO sector? Not to mention those handful foreign pedantic cranks with axes to grind who helped set the tone on the subject in the first place ... all in the name of professional journalism and non-racial discrimination, of course.


Jailed CNRP lawmaker Um Sam An appears at the Appeal Court yesterday.
Jailed CNRP lawmaker Um Sam An appears at the Appeal Court yesterday. Heng Chivoan

In prison safer than out, says Um Sam An
Wed, 13 July 2016 ppp
Lay Samean

His bid for freedom at the Court of Appeal denied yesterday, jailed opposition lawmaker Um Sam An declared that perhaps he was actually safer in prison, in light of the Sunday murder of Kem Ley.

The CNRP politician was challenging the legality of his mid-April arrest in Siem Reap for incitement after he posted “fake” maps indicating Cambodia had ceded territory to Vietnam. As he was led back to his cell, Sam An drew a parallel between Ley’s criticisms of government and his own.

“In prison, it is safer than outside, because if we stay outside, we might face danger like Kem Ley,” he said. “Since Kem Ley dared to criticise the government and the business of [Prime Minister] Hun [Sen’s] family, based on the Global Witness report, and he dares to criticise the border issue, because of those things, they killed him.”

Sam An’s comments mirror those of his party president, Sam Rainsy, who has labelled the killing an assassination.

The court upheld Sam An’s detention, despite his claim of parliamentary immunity.

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