A Change of Guard

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Saturday, 23 July 2016

ឃាតកម្ម​ប្រល័យ​ជីវិត​លោក​កែម ឡី​មាន​ការសោកសៅ​និង​ការថ្កោល​អ្នក​នៅ​ពី​ក្រ...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

To Khmer people:

The killers kept killing because they have never gotten punished.

In the past, the reactions from Khmer people condemning the killings of our Khmer heroes were swift, but last for a short period of time.

To find the mastermind behind the killing, Khmer people must take some necessary actions demanding the autocratic regime of Ah Kouk Hun Sen to bring to justice the real killers and the mastermind behind the killing.

Here are some steps that we should take:

1- Let the Kem Ley's funeral finish first.

2- Give an ultimatum to the government to show the video captured during Kem Ley's killing in 10 days.

3- After that 10 days come, and there is still no answer, we start marching peacefully demanding the government to find the real killer.

4- This is the right time that Khmer people must exert their efforts to accomplish a specific goal: find justice for our Khmer heroes.

5- The PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATION will last until the government find the credible killers.

6- In this world, nothing is free. We must be ready to sacrifice our life if the government opts to suppress the demonstration violently.

7- We must stop allowing our Khmer heroes die in vain. We must change the way we think:

- Before we asked the government to find the killers of Chea Vichea, Chhut Vuthy, monk Som Bunthoeun, etc... and we got no result. Khmer people stayed quite. We had behaved like hay fire (Chhes dauch Phleung Chambeung heuy Rolut Ksuy).

- This time we must act differently if we want to see a different outcome: the peaceful demonstration will last until the government finds the real credible killers and we are ready to die to make this happen.

If we cannot accomplish this one specific task, we must stop crying that Cambodia is controlling by Yuon. Just remember that Yuon had lost many soldiers to conquer Cambodia.

How come we don't want to lose any life to free Cambodia from Vietnam?
No country for coward people. " Oth Srok Sam Mouk Heuy Puok Chun Komsark ".

Bun Thoeun