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Friday, 15 July 2016

សុខ ទូច ជេរ អ៊ុំ សំអាន ថាគ្មានសីលធម៌

"It's like taking cows to the cinema!" (Dr Kem Ley referring to the way in which the Hun Sen government is handling/manipulating border issues with Vietnam).

"It is crucial that qualified authentic mapping experts/technicians, (and not amateurs on the subject) are engaged to assess/ verify mapping documents. Non-experts like myself wouldn't be able to tell the accuracies or inaccuracies contained in these documents; not even by a millimeter!". (Dr Kem Ley, on the lack of transparency and bona fide specialists assigned to the border demarcation work). 

NB: Of the 3 invited speakers on this RFA discussion panel, only one - Sok Touch - appointed by the Hun Sen administration to research the country's boundaries, is still enjoying his freedom. Of the other two speakers, Dr Kem Ley was shot dead on Sunday 10th July in an execution-style assassination, and the other, law-maker Um Sam An is being held in prison despite his parliamentary immunity since his return to Cambodia from the US some months ago.

Note also that although Cambodia's geographical borders had been drawn by her former colonial ruler - France - the international border line that divides sea territories and caves into the country's coastal vicinity of Kep to preclude its historical and largest island of Koh Tral ["Phu Qoc" in Vietnamese] from the rest of the map, is, by most accounts, not a definitive border delineation line between the two countries, but rather, this was intended only as temporary administrative arrangement by the French who treated the whole of Indochina as an integrated colonial possession with regional distinctions as to administration and policing etc. 


Anonymous said...

Beu Sok Heuy Mech Kor Touch !!

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing some pictures of Sok Touch surveying the border by using tape measure hanging by his waist, and it was 21st century. And that tells a lot about this incompetent Sok Touch. LOL

Anonymous said...

Idiot, using the tape to measure is the best way. If you use the so call GPS, the signal can be bended and your measurement will be off.

When I interviewed someone, I pulled out a piece of paper and pencil then asked the person to elaborate the answer to me. I will not allow fancy laptop or calculator.