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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Asean should consider giving Cambodia the boot

Manekseka Sangkum: It should be stressed that it is not 'Cambodia's own benefit/interests' that shape or influence the Phnom Penh regime's stance over the SCS, or over anything else for that matter!


Asean should consider giving Cambodia the boot
The Nation

July 25, 2016 
Re: Cambodia blocking Asean consensus on Sth China Sea: diplomat, breaking news, July 24, 2016.

The Cambodian delegation, in its attempt to block a joint statement by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) in Vientiane, over the grouping's standpoint on the South China Sea, is evidently working for Cambodia's own benefit and against that of the regional grouping.

This is not the first time Cambodia has acted against Asean's combined interests. In 2012, as host and chair of Asean, Cambodia prevented Asean foreign ministers from releasing a joint statement after their annual gathering in Phnom Penh.

Issuing a joint statement after a yearly meeting has been a custom in practice for Asean ever since the grouping's formation in 1967.

Hence, Cambodia's membership in Asean should be seriously reconsidered by the grouping - for its own survival, unity and prosperity.

Sometimes, a finger needs to be cut off in order to save the rest of the body.

Vint Chavala



Anonymous said...

“Sometimes, a finger needs to be cut off in order to save the rest of the body.”

Yes especially in the case of gangrene, frostbite and cancer, and if you ask HS who is a former Khmer Rouge, he knows: "ទុកក៏មិនចំណេញដកចេញក៏មិនខាត។"

Anonymous said...

It is the best notion ever since the cpp monkey govt joined Asean. Why not indeed. cut Cambodia loose from Asean and it will severely embarrass ah Kwak's govt. The mixed bags in an association for a common goal would never work.