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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Muslims gather to break first fast

Muslim men break the Ramadan fast at Boeung Kak’s al-Serkal Mosque on Monday.
Muslim men break the Ramadan fast at Boeung Kak’s al-Serkal Mosque on Monday. Athena Zelandonii

Muslims gather to break first fast
Fri, 10 June 2016 ppp
Vandy Muong

The first day of Ramadan – Islam’s holy month of fasting and reflection – was on Monday this week, and was followed by the first iftar – the evening meal that breaks the daily fast lasting from sunrise to sunset.

At Boeung Kak’s al-Serkal Mosque, about 200 Muslim men sat down at 6:23pm to first eat a single date and then a bowl of curry and rice, washed down with a can of Coca Cola, before heading inside to pray.

All Muslims apart from those younger than 15, pregnant woman, those who have just given birth, the sick or long-distance travellers are expected to fast during ramadan.


Anonymous said...

Statistically during Ramadan terrorist activities increases part of doing their good deeds?

The count so far...
4 dead at Tel Ave
20 dead Florida Night club
43 dead army base attack in Ethiopia by Al Shabaab

And 20 more days left to shed innocent blood?
I need to check how many are killed in Thailand by this time.

No time to cry

Anonymous said...

the worst part for the US killing by a muzzie is the prez who was once a muzzie himself [ living as a child in indonesia ] refused to condemn the radical islam , he is going to turn around and blames it on the gun... he can't get it through his pea size brain that guns don't kill But people do [ crazy people like those worshiping satan/evil ]