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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Kandal teen gets 20 years for murder of 9-year-old

Oeurn Sopheap re-enacts the murder of Keat Seavly during a police investigation. Photo supplied
Oeurn Sopheap re-enacts the murder of Keat Seavly during a police investigation. Photo supplied

Kandal teen gets 20 years for murder of 9-year-old
Tue, 7 June 2016 ppp
Niem Chheng

The Kandal Provincial Court yesterday sentenced a 16-year-old girl to 20 years in prison for the murder of her 9-year-old neighbour in Ang Snuol district.

Oeurn Sopheap was charged on November 9 last year with the murder of Keat Seavly, whose body had been discovered a few days before drowned in a rice field close to her home in Tomloup Kpos Cheung village.

Sopheap was accused of stealing Seavly’s gold earrings and a platinum ring, which Sopheap sold at a nearby market for $28.

Initially, after Seavly was reported missing, Sopheap had even helped authorities in their search. Once the young girl was found dead the following day, however, she hid in a field, only to be found and arrested later that night.

Court spokesman Ek Sun Reaksmey said: “According to her actions she would have been sentenced to life in prison, but as she was underage, it was reduced to 20 years.”

At the time, residents of Tomloup Kpos Cheung, the village where Seavly and Sopheap grew up, were shocked by the murder.

“She never stole or committed crime,” village chief Yong Sieng said in November.

“I think the crime is generally because of drugs or alcohol that leads to violence, but the murder case in my village had nothing to do with that.”

Child Protection Unit (CPU) director James McCabe, who assisted during the investigation of Seavly’s death, said yesterday that such cases were “even harder to comprehend when the offender is a child themselves”.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The UN doesn't believe in 'life for life'. They believe in cheap justice because they themselves are murderers! Yes I'm crazy in believing such non-sense. But i give my ears hours after hours listening to the voices yelling in the wilderness and the lie is about to catch up to those who are being framed to conform to be slaves to the UN systems.

Like Islam give men the rights to beat their wives so will the UN government do to those who bulk against their power. As satan deceived EVE so has the UN deceived this world to embrace the LIE that its all for your own good and well being. I refused to believe! Since the formation of the UN this world went into continual chaos.

As for this case....the issue is a little iffy. It could be the murderer has no intention of the killing the victim but out of fear of being found out hastily killed her. But if she had intended (pre-meditated) to kill the victim before the robbery then she is guilty of death sentence.